Our Home

HFA: Elementary School will be located at the newly renovated Duane Doty Elementary School in Detroit’s Northend community (10225 3rd St, Detroit, MI 48202). This historic building is on the edge of the Boston-Edison District, just west of Woodward, between the Davison Freeway and Chicago Blvd. Construction will be completed in July 2012. Until school opens, all correspondence must go through the HFA: SCS office at 481 W. Milwaukee Ave.

The facility and its 21st century school design will ensure student safety and will support our educational program. HFA: Elementary School will offer 26 academic learning studios, a technology/media center, art and design studios, an exhibition hall, three open-learning commons areas, a dining hall, an administrative and reception suite, a student support suite, and moderate sized gymnasium with an assembly and performance stage. HFA: Elementary School students will also learn in the greater community. We believe that education is truly about experiencing the world all around and teaching students to apply their knowledge to develop creative solutions to real-world problems.